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Faculty Details

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW Faculty Details

Dr. Mohsin Hasan Khan

Current Designation: Associate Professor
Office Address: Department of Chemistry,
G.F.College, Shahjahanpur-242001
Residence: Old City, Bareilly-243005
Contact Nos. Mobile: 09410296525, 7017194414
E-mail address: drmhkhan6485@gmail.com
Qualifications: M.Sc., Ph.D.
Languages are known: English, Hindi, Urdu,
The topic of Ph.D.: “1, 4 distributred 2, 4 dithiobiurets and their complex action behavior”


Academic and extra-Curricular engagements at
(a)College level:
1. Member, College Proctorial Board since 2003.
2. Member, College admission Committee since 2006.
3. Member College Athletic Association and President, Indoor games.
4. Incharge, Seminar Library, Chemical Association, Department of Chemistry,
G.F.College, Shahjahanpur.
(b)University level:
1. University Coach of Lawn Tennis team in the Interuniversity during 2008-09.
2. Additional Superintendent, M.J.P.Rohilkhand Examinations, G.F.College,
Shahjahanpur during 2009.
3. Worked as Coordinator of Marks Collation during 2009-10.
4. Worked as Observer in B.Ed. entrance.
5. Assistant Coordinator –HINDI, University Examinations, 2011.
6. Assistant Coordinator –Geography, Political Science, Economics, University
Examinations, 2012.
7. Assistant Coordinator –English, University Examinations, 2013.
8. Assistant Coordinator –General English, University Examinations, 2014.
9. B.Sc. Paper setter in 2014-16.
10. Assistant Coordinator –English, University Examinations, 2015.
11. Coordinator –Commerce, University Examination, 2016.
12. Assistant Coordinator –Sociology, University Examination, 2017.
13. Head Examiner –Chemistry,University Examination, 2018.
14. Head Examiner –Chemistry,University Examination, 2019.
15. Observer in B.Ed. Entrance Exam-2019.
16. Expert of selection committee of different colleges.
17. Expert of Affiliation panel for UG and PG colleges.
18. Refree of PhD Thesis Bheem Rao Ambedkar University Aurangawaad
19. PhD entrance paper setter Chandrashekhar University, Balia
20. Member of subject expert in college affiliation of MJP Rohilkhand University.
21. Paper setter of Agra University.
22. Subject expert in selection committee of Assistant Professor of affiliated colleges of MJP
Rohilkhand University.
23. Examiner of CSJM Kanpur University.
Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry.
Courses taught: a. At Under-graduate level: Inorganic Chemistry
b. At Post-graduate level: Inorganic Chemistry


Research guidance:
Awarded: 01
Ongoing: 02
Registered: 04


Details of Research projects
COMMITTEEChemistry/ Polymer Science Dr. Mohsin Hasan Khan ROMRP-NRCB-CHEM-
2015-16-52043 (UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION Northern Regional College Bureau).


Refresher/Orientation Courses attended

1. Attended a UGC sponsored Orientation Course in Chemistry organized by Aligarh Muslim
University, Aligarh w.e.f. 13.07.2005 to 09.08.2005 and obtained “A” grade
2. Attended a UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Chemistry organized by Aligarh Muslim
University, Aligarh w.e.f. 26.11.2008 to 18.12.2008 and obtained “A” grade.
3. Attended a UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Chemistry organized by Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh w.e.f. 07.09.2011 to 27.09.2011 and obtained “A” grade.

Workshop attended
Workshop on “Role of IQAC in Assesment and Accreditation” held at MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly on 22-23 December, 2011.
National workshop on human right and education and dalit women, Govt. Post Graduate College, Khair, Aligarh on 13th to 19th June, 2015.
National Workshop on Human Rights Education and Dalit Women, Govt. P.G. College, Aligarh from 13 to 19 June, 2015.
CALEM- Training Programme on Academic Leadership Under Scheme of PMMMNMTT (MHRD, Govt. of India) from 20 July 2017 to 26 July 2017.W


Research papers published
1. Synthesis of 1, 5 disubstituted 2,4 dithiourets and studies on their complexation behavior. Oriental Jour. Of Chem. 25(3): 701-706 (2009).
2. Isolation of 5,7,4- trohydroxyflavone-8-C-β-D glucopyranoside, a Flavone
Glucoside from the roots of Bauhinia retusa. Natura Prod. Medica .3:78-80 (2010).
3. Synthesis of bivalent Co, Ni and Cu complexes with 1-methyl-5-substituted 2-4
dithiocabamate. Oriental Jour. of Chem. 26: 1155-1158. (2010).
4. Antimicrobial activity of some azomethines and their metal complexes. Oriental
Journal of Chemistry 27(4):1779-1782 (2011)
5. High performance thin layer chromatographyc quantification domperidone and
paracetamol in Tablets forms domperidone, paracetamol, silica gel HPTLC plate,
HPTL.Orient. J. Chem., 30(1) (2015).
6. Antimicrobial Activity of Some Indian Medicinal Plants. Periodic Research.7(2): 111-113. (2018)
7. Antibacterial activity of Indian spice Black pepper (Piper nigrum L.). 3(3): 41-
43. (2018).
8. Phytochemical Screening of Five Medicinal Plants. Periodic Research. 7 (2):114-
116. (2018)
9. Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Aegle Marmelos Leaf
Extracts. Remarking An Analisation. 3(3):44-46. (2018).
10. Coumarines from Aegle marmelos. Bulgarian Communications (In Press).
11. Quinoline alkaloid from Aegle marmelos Arabian Jour. Chem. Soc.
12. Isolation of Flavone Glycoside from the roots of Bauhinia retusa (Communicated).


Books published
Inorganic Chemistry, ISBN 978-93-83385-79-9 Ram Prasad Publication, Agra
Inorganic Chemistry, ISBN 978-93-83385-82-9 Ram Prasad Publication, Agra


Seminar/Lectures/Conferences attended.
a. National Conference on Challenges in Life Sciences with Changing Environment
organized by Sacred Heart Degree College, Sitapur on 20-21 February 2010.
b. National Conference on Contemporary graduate teacher education: Problem and
solution organized by M.L.K.P.G. College, Balrampur, sponsored by UGC and
Department of education held on 3-4 October 2010
c. International Conference on Chemistry: Frontiers and Challenges, organized by
Department of Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh on 5-6 March,
d. International Seminar on Consumer Protection and Behaviour in Present
Privatized Era organized at SS College, Shahjahanpur on 25-26 February 2012.
e. National Seminar on Chemistry and Environment by Kisan PG College, Bahraich,
6 -7 October. 2012.
f. International Seminar on “Employment Generation in Developing Countries:
Challenges and Opportunities organized by Swami Shukdevanand PG College,
Shahjahanpur on 23-24 February 2013.
g. National Seminar on Waste Disposal and Its Effect on Biodiversity, Muhammad
Ali Jauhar University, Rampur on 15-16 November 2014.
h. National Seminar on Issues Concerning the Higher Education in India by Gov.
Raza P.G. College on 1-2 March, 2014.
i. National Seminar on Reshmi Rumal Tahreek our Shikhul Hind Maulana
Mahmood Hasan, G.F.College, Shahjahanpur on 15-16 December, 2014.
j. Brainstorming Conference on STI Policy Implementation at Bareilly College,
Bareilly on 8th January, 2014.
k. International Seminar on Economic Development with Devaluation of Non-
Economic Values: Problems and Remedies by Swami Shukdevanand PG College,
Shahjahanpur on 2-3 March, 2014.
l. National Seminar on Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Association on
18 January, 2015.
m. International Conference on Human Development in Developing Nations by SS
College, Shahjahanpur on 26-27 February, 2015.
n. National Seminar by Analytical Chemistry Teachers and Researchers Association
at Aurangabad on 18th January, 2015.
o. National seminar on Higher Education in India: Present Scenario and Future
Perspectives for Value-Based Education by Government Raza College, Rampur
on 28 Feb-1 March, 2015.
p. International Conference on Innovations in Chemical, Biological and
Environmental Science at Swami Shukdevanand PG College, Shahjahanpur on
12th February, 2016.
q. National seminar on Higher Education: Issues, Challenges, Prospects and
Strategies organized by Lucknow University Associated Colleges Teacher’s
Association on 11 September, 2016.
r. International Conference on New Scintillations on Materials Horizon organized
by MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly on 21-23 October, 2016.
s. National Conference on Role of Science and Technology in Socio-Economic
Development organized by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Government Degree College,
Mainpuri (U.P.) on 28-29, February 2016.


Life Membership
Life member of Oriental Journal of Chemistry


Social Activities
Scientific advisory member of “Sanchayan”-A Group for water conservation.




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